- ‘fourth density dance’ - Android and Phaedra Jones are pioneering the emergence of a new type of interactive live expression that has pushed interpersonal, artistic, and technological boundaries. Phadroid synthesizes ancient and contemporary forms of expression through cutting edge visual and dance vocabularies. The seamless fusion of live movement and live digital art projection [...]

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“Harmonic Transformation” worldwide album release

"Harmonic Transformation" is a synesthetic explosion on the senses.  David Block invites you on a 14 track mind expanding sonic journey into his human experience.  The album is a sensual, passionate, imaginative exploration of global beats, dreamlike soundscapes, organic instrumentation and yummy bass.   Having spent the year of 2010 playing, creating and collaborating around the [...]

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“The Dream” featuring art by Andrew Jones and my first score “Infinite possibilities”. Download the screensaver!!!

Andrew Jones and I will be creating A LOT MORE on our "Seeing is Believing" TOUR across the Western USA sponsored by Corel and HP!!! This video is of Andrew painting with Corel Painter 12's new kaleidoscope tool. This video is 12 hours sped up to 6 minutes. After the painting was all done, I [...]

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Life is Art

Inspired by my own human experience.... This music was created with the intention of taking you on a journey. Dance, make love, laugh, cry, smile, watch a sunrise snuggled in a blanket....Have an emotional breakthrough!!! I hope these sounds inspire you to create your own magic!!! Pura Vida Namaste Love you, David Block (The Human [...]

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