March 27, 2013 – March 29, 2012

Satya – The Path to Ultimate Truth
Art & Music Festival By Groove Attack

☯Satya Festival 2013 welcomes you into a parallel dimension ☯
3 days of ultimate truth, love, unity & RESPECT ☮

The festival will take place from march 27th to 29th in the israeli nature, an international gathering which brings together travelers, dancers, fairys, handcraft sellers and all the creatures of the forest with you and us making our annual tradition from now on for years and years.

Decoration masters, visual and musical artists from around the globe will give you the inspiration and the magical atmosphere for you to make it your spiritual playground, experiment and create new beutifull memories with us side by side

A place where freedom flows underneath our wings, where we can play & enjoy like when we we’re kids.
A place where psychedelia meets happiness union & love ☮, where the dance is in harmony with our mother earth, full of colurs laughs and good vibes.


Love & Light ❤❤❤

Satya Crew
<< Satya or Sathya is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates into English as “truth” or “correct”. It is a term of power due to its purity and meaning and has become the emblem of many peaceful social movements, particularly those centered on social justice, environmentalism and vegetarianism. Sathya is also defined in Sanskrit as “sate hitam satyam” which translates to “The path to ultimate truth or Sat is sathya (i.e. the real truth)”. In some philosophies, therefore, all the deeds, words, and wisdom that bring one closer to the Ultimate Truth are the truth. >>


About Groove Attack

Groove Attack is an Israeli based open air event production team, specially formed to develop top notch, state of the art electronic dance music events.
We take pride in our successful past events and look forward to an even brighter future.
Our events are delicately constructed. We place high focus & attention to the very small detail.

Vision, Mission, Moto & Manifesto 🙂
Our purpose and aim is to provide our vast and tight, mature and beautiful crowd with an experience unlike any other.
Events bearing positive vibes, consisting of music loving and nature respecting people.
Harmonic and elevating energy presenting the perfect coexistence between Nature – Art – Mankind

Our crew consists of highly experienced professionals, connected and motivated to present you with an event which will forever stay eternal.
In order to help us maintain & progress with our vision, concept and vibe, we kindly ask you to keep this website details for you and your close friends only.
Each member of our on growing family is handpicked… we like to keep it private…

The Core Elements
1. Carefully selected locations
2. Cutting edge PA systems & lightning solutions
3. Specially developed, Event theme decorations
4. Hand-Picked Lineup giving stage to an impressive amount of respected & innovative international & local producers & Dj’s
4. Full confirmation by all local authorities

All this and more result in one uplifting, spiritual & successful experience after the other.

*** Our full identity is constructed by the entire Groove Attack family… Our Beautiful Crowd… U give us the energy to Innovate…
We would like to thank the massive amount of people who take part in our events. Be sure we will keep on enlightening & enhancing your experience.

Out next event is planned for 27-29.03 – Satya Festival ♥
We will be updating you soon with all the details…

Groove attack – We are here to make a change!
We are looking forward to see you at our upcoming events.

++++Groove Attack Crew++++


ProjectFresh & Peace Yoga Gallery Present:


The Human Experience


An Electronic Music & Technology Workshop PLUS Yoga PLUS After Party!


Saturday 19th, 3pm until late…
Peace Yoga – 903 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

We’re are pleased to announced a special event in partnership with LA’s hidden underground gem, the incomparable Peace Yoga Gallery. David Block of The Human Experience, will DJ a live set of yoga taught by Cherie Rae. After a delicious dinner, David will then share his mastery of electronic music by showing attendees how he constructs his sweeping, cinematic sounds.


Listen to The Human Experience here:


> Live DJ Yoga Session: $20
> Music Creation Experience & After Party: $20
> After Party Only (after 10pm): $10
> FULL Access: $40




After yoga and a delicious dinner from Cherie Rae (optional, $15 for a feast of healthy goodness!) attendees will have the unique opportunity to become part of David’s music making process.  David will be breaking down some of his finished compositions piece by piece to illustrate how he uses simple melodies and harmonies to create complex electronic music. He will also be bringing some of his studio into Peace Yoga and creating some fresh tunes WITH YOU. NO MUSIC PRODUCTION KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY, just the desire to have fun and be creative.

3-4pm: Gathering Meditation & Relaxation in Peace’s Subterranean Workspace
4-6pm: Yoga (All Levels) with Cherie Rae (Live Set by The Human Experience)
6pm-8pm: “Blow Your Mind” Raw Food Feast ($15 Optional. Cost not included…)
8pm-9:30: Interactive Music Creation Workshop with David Block. Interweaving layers of beats and bass with melody and harmony.
10pm until Late: After Party. Move your body to a delicious journey through sound.

Artwork Credit: Android Jones, from the album “Seeing Is Believing” by The Human Experience.
Watch Android Jones create the artwork…





ProjectFresh is a platform for the creation of memorable entities; Mindshare LA mixes education with a party atmosphere; Syyn Labs blends designers with engineers to spur innovation; The Tuxedo Travelswas one of the earliest social media projects to combine charity with adventure. The SMART Gallery sits at the intersection where Science Meets ART. Whether it’s for-profit companies or altrusitic endeavor, ProjectFresh twists together the unexpected to create something new.




Peace Yoga’s mission: Live Yoga, Live Food, Live Art, Live Music, Live People capitulates the studio’s essence in a snapshot. In addition to being a world-class yoga instructor, Cheri Rae happens to be a phenomenal vegetarian cook. And so a raw food bar (the first and only of its kind in downtown LA) was a natural addition to Peace Yoga and all part of the experience they want their students to enjoy. That same passion you’ll find taking one of Cheri Rae’s classes, can be found in a mouth full of the food she prepares.

Mindshare LA & Peace Yoga Gallery Present: The Human Experience
An Electronic Music & Technology Meets Yoga & Dance Workshop (PLUS After Party!!)

Mindshare LA is pleased to announced a special event in partnership with LA’s hidden underground gem, the incomparable Peace Yoga Gallery! Join us for this special event during which David Block of The Human Experience, will DJ a live set of yoga taught by Cherie Rae, and then share his mastery of electronic music by showing attendees how he constructs his sweeping, cinematic sounds. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to become part of the music making process.

DATE: Saturday 19th Tickets: $45 FULL / $30 Workshop ($10 after party)
LOCATION: Peace Yoga Gallery at 903 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA
3-4pm: Gathering Meditation & Relaxation in Peace’s Subterranean Workspace
4-6pm: Yoga (All Levels) with Cherie Rae (Live Set by The Human Experience)
6pm-8pm: “Blow Your Mind” Raw Food Feast ($20 / $15 with online purchase)
8pm: Music Creation Workshop with David Block. Learn how David interwines layers of beats and melody
9pm: Dance Workshop. Move your new understanding from your mind to your body.
10pm until Late: After Party Begins!

Elevated Arts & Entertainment Presents:

The Human Experience & Kaminanda

With special guests:


Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012

Location: Casselman’s ~ 2620 Walnut St – Denver, CO

Tickets: $5 Advance/ $8 Door

Doors open at 7pm / Music starts at 8pm
This is an 18+ event!!!

~*The Human Experience*~
The Human Experience is David Block’s debut project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats. David is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. Playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony live on stage, his performances are brimming and layered with human emotion, world exploration, and sacred sounds. Whether performing by himself, or with a live band, “The Human Experience” always delivers an emotionally charged show.


Kaminanda’s mission is to produce and perform music that uplifts the spirit of the listener, while allowing for the natural ebb and flow of light and dark..Melodies channeled from within,Rhythms from around the world and Beats and Bass that sway the body into ecstatic release….Keeping it smooth and Sexy while tapping into the unlimited realms of Adventure,Beauty and Elevated States of Consciousness….Intentional dance music that traverses the many forms of midtempo and downtempo, while keeping it FUN!

Soulacybin is the product of an insatiable appetite for music and the continual urge to create and share it with the World. Musician/Producer/Artist John LaBoone harmoniously melds his passion for traditional Jamaican Dub and ambient electronic soundscapes into heart-felt music that is meticulously crafted with care and love. Live guitar and melodic synths combine with mid-tempo beats and throbbing dub basslines to transport listeners to a place of pure emotive sound, stimulating the Body, Mind, and Heart. His live sets of all original music have earned billings with some of the nation’s most talented electronic musicians including Shpongle, EOTO, Emancipator, Phutureprimitive, Love & Light, Papadosio, Zoogma, Govinda, Ana Sia, Vibesquad, Polish Ambassador, Mochipet, Ill Esha, Elliot Lipp, Archnemesis, The Werks, Amtrac, Spankalicious and Wick-It the Instigator.

E11even aka Liz is a Dj, Artist & one of the master minds behind Sculpted Sound Productions based out of Denver, Co. 11 has been djing for over 13 years and originally started djing on turntables and in the last 5 years has been playing cd decks. She has played a variety of styles first starting with early trance and goa then to progressive house, breaks, drum & bass and finally finding her home in psytrance. On this night Liz will be playing us a very special set bringing us downtempo, sexy beats. No matter what genre she is playing you can count on dancing and it being super sexedelic.

We are excited to announce that we have a special quest appearance from the beautiful Hawaiian Shaman herself…Alaya Love! Make sure to get here early to have the honor of being blessed by Alaya’s strong words of wisdom, enlightenment, and LOVE.

Hey guys! How about we make this show a little more meaningful for the holidays! Ariana AriFairy has decided to bless this event with a little of her “AriFairy Magic” with aerial and fire performances, face painting, and a beautiful array of hand-crafted AriFairy Wear for sale. All proceeds are going toward her mission to bomb the world with glittler and SPARKLES through a program called SPARK CIRCUS. Which is a group of international circus performers coming together in Burma to gift the burmese refugee children a circus for the holidays. Check out her informational page for more details.

Be sure not to miss this as Casselman’s will be transformed into an all around visual experience. In today’s rapidly growing music scene, Elevated Arts & Entertainment seeks to expand minds by opening eyes, catching ears and stimulating consciousness through an eclectic array of artistry and musical entertainment. Special performers will be joining us throughout the night bringing the heat with Fire Dancing and other flow arts, a very special group of Visual Aritsts will be creating to the night, local craftsmen will be displaying their goods and the crowd will be creating the biggest addition to the night, supplying oodles of good vibes and love all around.

***We are honored to announce that NephilNine out of NYC will be joining us to spice up the space with her out of this world deco designs!

*~Visual Artists*~
~Dylan Thomas Brooks
~Joseph Skala
~Brandon Crone
~Andrew Thompson
~Ian Spencer

Danielle & Kanyon of Red Rock City Circus
Stephinity & Keile of Astral Mechaniks
Ariana AirFairy
Luna Cash of Tetra Incendia
Jennifer of HulaFool

~Groundscores Unlimited
~Reclaim Threads
~Organic Mechanics
~AirFairy Wear

***If you are interested in adding to this event with flow performance, visual arts or handmade goods please feel to contact Crystal at ***

Stay Up with us at

Advanced Tickets are available at

Interested in being apart of our STREET TEAM?
let us know –

Cosmic Convergence 2012

:-: Past – Present – Future Convergence :-:
A gathering of international tribes : A union of vision, culture, and consciousness

Experience three days and two nights of art, music, culture, and workshops below the volcanoes of the ancestral sacred Mayan lands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from Dec 30th to Dec 1st.

:: Music ::
Two stages of electro-organic, neo-tribal beats with DJs and live musicians from Mexico, Guatemala, and the U.S.

Global Bass Arena
Desert Dwellers (USA) — The Human Experience (USA) — Amani (USA) — Rich DDT (USA) — DJ Masaya (GUA/Sweden) — Jimi Handtrix (Ger) — Oma (Intl.) — Heather Pixie (USA) — Pleaides Sound System (Gua) — Dubby Dub (Gua)

Temple of Trancendance
Treavor Moontribe (USA) — Mixtlii/Spectral Audio (Germany/Mexico) — Digitech/Natural Perception (Mex) — Xamanik (Mex) — Solar Plexus (Gua) – Kosmic Wizard (Gua) — DJ Digo (Gua) — Space Pulsar (Gua) — Impulse Thrusters (Gua) — Bambi (Isr) — DJ Gasol (Isr)

and more!
:: Art ::
Contemporary and tribal visionary art gallery
Traditional indigenous textiles from Guatemaya, Peru, Panama
Traditional women’s artisan cooperatives

:: Local Environment & Culture ::
Mayan Cacao Ceremonies
Local medicinal herbs and traditional remedies
Ancestral knowledge of plants, cosmology and the Mayan Calendar
Permaculture and natural building demonstrations
Natural dying with local plants, seeds, and fruits

:: Yoga and Creative Movement ::
Workshops to explore the limits of body and mind through yoga, ecstatic dance, breathwork, belly dancing, fire dancing, and more

:: SuperFood ::
Local cacao, chia, amaranth, and ramon nut
Natural fruit, nut, and seed smoothies

International tickets on sale here:

Preventas nacionales: Chichicaste (zona 1) 6a. Ave. 9-27 Z.1 Local 16, Ciudad de Guatemala

Synthesis 2012 is a festival at Chichén Itzá in Mexico from Dec 20th-23rd honouring the closing of the old cycle and the dawning of a new era of renewal, balance, and harmony on Earth.


Synthesis 2012 is a four-day global music festival and sacred gathering near the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá in Yucatan, Mexico from Dec 20-23, 2012.

Hosted by the local Maya people and co-produced by an experienced, world-class production team and Wisdom Keepers from around the world, this convergence serves to honor the closing of the old cycle and welcome the dawning of a new era of renewal, balance, and harmony. This new era when we let go of the material world and enter the spiritual world has been foretold through ancient wisdom teachings and Indigenous prophecies worldwide.

Synthesis 2012 is bringing a beautiful lineup of heart-centered live and electronic musicians to Chichen Itza, Mexico:

Esctatic Dance:

Love & Light – Phutureprimitive – Andreillien (Heyoka) – Russ Liquid – Bird of Prey – Birds of Paradise – Kaminanda – The Human Experience – Shawna – Little John – ALIA – Melty Whomps – Neptune – Jocelyn – Andrew tha Pirate – Smasheltooth – KOZ – SatchiOM – Aire Redtree – Globalruckus – SABO – KMLN … and more in a spectacular pyramid temple produced by the AscendDance and Enchanted Forest crew.

Live Music & Performers:

Mirabai Ceiba – Tina Malia – Shimshai – Luminaries – Shawn Berry – Here II Here – Alesandra Belloni -Jah Levi – Ukumali – Jai Jagadesh – Fantuzzi – Clan Dyken – Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda – Moksha – Chris Berry – Don Diego – Eleanor Dubinsky – Peter Cor – Peter Sterling – Bole Sitar – Diane Patterson – Al Torre – Human – Singing Bear – Web Of One – Peace Tribe – Spiridessence – Po A Tree – The Earthlings – Ophworld – Rap de Luz – Earthshake World Rhythm Ensemble – Mishief Lab – To Life – Global Ruckus – Caracol Fire Troupe – Aldo Garcia – Maria Flamenco – Tribal Fire – Sumaj Panchay – Mayan Theater Group and more to be announced. On a beautiful poolside stage and gated, landscaped grounds of an historic Col

I will officially be playing at Envision Festival 2013 this February in Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica!
Join us Feb 27 – March 3 2013 for 5 days of magic and adventure in sunny Costa Rica for the 3rd annual Envision FestivalLINEUP : Coming soon!


International super early bird pre-sale tickets are sold out and early bird prices are currently at $195 for a 5-day pass and increase as February 27th approaches.Local Costarricense (con cédula) early bird limited pre-sale tickets start at $75 for a 5-day pass and increase as February 27th approaches.

All multi-day passes include 5 days of music, camping and access to all of our yoga & workshops.
Envision is a family friendly event. Children 12 & Under will be admitted for free if accompanied by an adult.

Camp grounds open Wednesday at 10 AM and will remain open until Monday at 12 PM. All guests must be packed out by noon on Monday.

ENVISION yourself in the mystical Costa Rican jungle listening to diverse beats and enjoying VIP treatment. The vibe here is “Pura Vida” – The pure life.. and the energy that embraces the soul and recharges the mind and spirit. This is a world where time slows down, warm waves embrace crimson sunsets and howler monkeys rule the canopy. The people are friendly and the traditional cuisine is simple and delicious with something for every taste. Enjoy fresh squeezed juice from ripe fruit on the beach in the morning while your dinner arrives straight from the sea. Hike to an enchanted waterfall, zip-line through the rain forest or take a sea kayak out to greet migrating dolphins. Southern-Pacific Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world and the scenery is breathtaking. Experience everything from sunrise yoga to fire belly dancing, with countless opportunities for adventure and self exploration. This exotic and culturally rich experience is much more attainable than you may think… Be a part of the ENVISION Festival and let your imagination travel.

Join us in Pura Vida!

Feb 27th – March 3rd 2013

Thursday, December 6, 2012 from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm

at “The Sanctuary” 235 Hill St, Santa Monica, California 90405

It’s our LAST session until Feb! Come groove your prayers for 2013 with ecstatic dance, yoga, & conscious community! Sacred Dance is *thrilled* to present….>> THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE (David Block) in a LIVE Electro-Acoustic set! David will be playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony on stage in a special dance set just for us! 🙂 Do not miss this rare event!! <<


David and Gigi will be offering their signature collaboration of yoga and live/electronic music as seen at Lightning in a Bottle.7:00 – 8:00 All-levels flow yoga with Gigi Snyder, accompanied by The Human Experience
8:00 – 9:30 Ecstatic Dancing with Eva Clay & The Human Experience
9:30 – 10:00 Sound Bath Savasana

Visuals by Abhi Thati

Please Note Beloveds: Facebook will perish one day. Join the Tribe so you are not lost in the rubble! Sign up for our announcements HERE:

> :>: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: > >: >: >: >
We are raising the vibration with a new paradigm of ecstatic embodiment and conscious community!! You don’t have to be a “dancer” to belong ~ We welcome your beautiful SPIRIT! Come be a part of our growing collective ♥
>: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: >: > >: >: >: >

Check out September’s session with Shaman’s Dream & The Other Deepak:


Sacred Dance Live is an ecstatic dance & rhythm ritual that ignites your spirit and empowers expression of your highest truth. Yoga, heart-opening meditations & poetry guide your journey to bliss while live musicians and DJs rock your body with enlightened grooves to make you move.

Dance and music are powerful catalysts that energize your prayers into action. Sacred Dance Live offers you FREEDOM to be fully yourself and to unite with a community of loving souls. No dance ability is necessary – come join the fun!
::: See :::

<< ♥ We are the FIRST Thurs. every month in Santa Monica ♥ >>
Please note: There will not be a session for January 2013


The Church in Ocean Park (“The Sanctuary”)
235 Hill St. Santa Monica
$20 at the door

~ PARKING is in pay lots between Main St. & Neilson Way ~

~ MAP to event & parking ~

~ Volunteers dance for FREE! Contact:

:: BRING ::
– Water
– Yoga mat if you’re taking the class
– Clothes to really move & sweat in

:: SEE for more info ::

ABOUT: The Human Experience (David Block)

“The Human Experience” is David Block’s project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Listeners experience an irresistibly dance-able symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats.

David is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. Playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony live on stage, his performances are brimming and layered with human emotion, world exploration, and sacred sounds. Whether performing by himself, or with a live band, “The Human Experience” always delivers an emotionally charged show.

Collaborating with many artists around the world, “The Human Experience” aims to cross cultural barriers through music. His first album “Inaudible Sounds” is a 14 track sonic journey, interweaving psychedelic layers of melody and harmony with organic grooves and international vibes. Also composing and performing live with the Audio/Visual/Dance project “Phadroid, and Seraphim” David is expanding his sounds into the mixed media world.

David is consistently redefining himself as an artist, performer, and human being. Moving and traveling around the world, meeting people from all walks of life and realms of consciousness, David is continually learning, growing, and sharing inspiration with those around him.

“We don’t play music, music plays us” – David Block



ABOUT: December’s Yoga Teacher GIGI SNYDER

Gigi Snyder teaches a fun, energetic class that is creative yet rooted in tradition. Gigi began practicing yoga at the age of 18 while attending university as a Fine Arts major so that she could increase creativity and reduce stress. Since then she has studied and practiced in the various traditions of Iyengar, Astanga, Vinyasa Flow,Ayerveda, and Raja Yoga. Her inspirations include her teachers, the words of sages, animals, nature, art, time, her injuries, perceived failings and triumphs and the light and love of others. She is truly in love with yoga and dance because of the alchemical experience she feels is created when one connects in the present moment with breath, movement, music and the Earth…She believes that in these moments we are given a bridge to ecstasy, a vehicle to supreme reality and a glimpse of our own divine nature. Gigi teaches public classes and teacher trainings at

ABOUT: Facilitator/Creatrix EVA CLAY

Eva is the creator of Sacred Dance™, a healing model of expressive movement and producer of Sacred Dance Live. A devout activist, healer, and festival veteran, she believes in creativity as a catalyst for change and elegantly marries the profound with the playful. Eva is also a licensed body-mind psychotherapist.

Sacred Dance™ has evolved from Eva’s love of the body and fascination with peak religious states found in shamanic ceremony and Tantric energy practices. As a facilitator, Eva is masterful at holding a dynamic container where people can lean into the fire of their transformation and invoke joy, healing and release. As the producer of Sacred Dance Live events, she delights in converging diverse communities through music, dance, and ritual.


Sacred Dance Live Video:

The inspiration behind Sacred Dance Live, and more about Eva Clay:

April 7th – Denver, CO – “Vaporize” presented by Sculpted Sound. Venue TBA

April 13th – Denver, CO – Android Jones art gallery opening at “Knew Conscious” art gallery (Phadroid performance and Solo performance)

April 14th – Kansas City, MO – opening for the debut of Quixotic’s new performance “One” at the Midland Theater!!!

April 19th – San Francisco, CA – “Bicycle Day” at “Temple SF”

May 4th – Oakland, CA – at the Brava Theater. Featuring performance by Akara LIVE, Solo performance, and Phadroid

May 5th – Mendocino, CA – Event TBA

May 13th – San Francisco, CA – “How Weird Street Faire” performing on “Enchanted Forest” stage

May 17th- May 21st – Pyramid Lake, NV – “Symbiosis Gathering” Solo performance, Phadroid, Seraphim, and a special new treat….

May 24th- May 28th – Silvarado, CA – “Lightning in a Bottle” festival

May 30th – Santa Monica, CA – “Luminous Movement” presents at “Zanzibar”

June 1st – Portland, OR – Beloved Presents “The Muse Revival” feat Phuturprimative and Kaminanda at “Bossanova Ballroom”

June 2nd – Oakland, CA – “HomeBass” presented by Win Win Pro. Venue “The New Parish”

June 7th – June 10th – Green River, Utah – “Desert Rocks” music and arts festival. Solo performance and Phadroid show

June 12th – New York – “City of Hope” fundraiser

June 21st – June 24th – Georgetown, CO – “Sonic Bloom” music and arts festival! solo performance and Phadroid show

June 29th – July 2nd – Mendocino, CA – “Enchanted Forest” gathering

July 4th -July 7th – Berlin, Germany – “Freqs of Nature” festival

July 9th – July 20th – Ventimiglia, Italy – Painting workshop with Amanda Sage, Andrew Gonzalez, Laurence Caruna, and Maura.

July 28th – Aug 4th – Idanha-a-nova, Portugal – “Boom Festival”

Aug 9th – Aug 11th – North Carolina – “Gnarnia Festival”

Aug 10th – Aug 13th – Tidewater, Oregon – “Beloved” sacred music and arts festival

Aug 14th – Mt Shasta, California – Introspective

Aug 16th – Aug 20th – Logon, Ohio – “Rootwire” festival

Aug 27th – Sept 3rd – Black Rock City, Nevada – “Burning Man”

Sept 6th – Nevada City, CA – Burning Man after party at “The Stonehouse”

Sept 14th- Austin, Texas – House Party

Sept 15th – Austin, Texas – At “The Parish” with Kaminanda

Sept 16th – Dallas, Texas – “OneYogaUSA”

Sept 19th – Santa Monica, CA – Lu Fam présents at “Zanzibar”

Sept 28th – Birmingham, Alabama – “Aerial Music” with The Earth Harp

Oct 8th – Maui, Hawaii – “Sonic Expansion” yoga experience with Rachel G (LIMITED SPACE SIGN UP NOW!!!)

Oct 13th – Maui, Hawaii – Tasty Pie presents at “Cassanova’s”

Oct 19th – Oct 21st – Simi Valley, California – The Do Lab presents “Rise and Shine” CANCELLED!!!

Oct 27th – Seattle, WA – Special sound experience at “DeepBeauty”

Nov 16th – Nov 17th – Pensacola, Florida – “Mahabhuta Yoga Festival”

Nov 18th – San Francisco, CA – “Connexus: A conscious connection dance event at 1015 Folsom”.

Dec 1st – Portland, OR – “PDX Fusion” presents “Circles”

Dec 13th – Denver, CO – “Elevated Entertainment” at Casselmans

Dec 20th – Dec 22nd – Chichen Itza, Mexico – “Synthesis 2012 gathering”

Dec 30th – Atitlan, Guatemala – “Cosmic Convergence”

So there were some last minute changes in our new years plans and we will be celebrating in Los Angeles!!!

Its been so nice to spend the last couple weeks with my family. Visiting my momma in Kona was amazing and it was so great to be able to get over to Maui to play the Source Maui Fundraiser. Huge Aloha love to all the Island family, I cant wait to come back in February.

I have returned to Los Angeles where we (Phadroid & The Human Experience) will be performing 2 New Years shows in LA.

The first will be the debut of the Phadroid + William (Earth Harp) + The Human Experience collaboration. 9 PM – 2 AM in Venice California. Im so honored to participate in this musical experiment. Ive had so much fun jamming with William and Im so happy that we are going to explore Phadroid together.

We will then meet you at Humming Bird Ranch to dance with you to the mid-afternoon the next day. We’ll have another late night Phadroid and The Human Exprerience set with Andrew and Phaedra Jones.

Check out these two videos. The first is myself and Phadroid Live in London a few weeks ago. The second is William making magic 🙂

Hope to see you at the show

William and the Earth Harp from WIlliam Close on Vimeo.