April 7th – Denver, CO – “Vaporize” presented by Sculpted Sound. Venue TBA

April 13th – Denver, CO – Android Jones art gallery opening at “Knew Conscious” art gallery (Phadroid performance and Solo performance)

April 14th – Kansas City, MO – opening for the debut of Quixotic’s new performance “One” at the Midland Theater!!!

April 19th – San Francisco, CA – “Bicycle Day” at “Temple SF”

May 4th – Oakland, CA – at the Brava Theater. Featuring performance by Akara LIVE, Solo performance, and Phadroid

May 5th – Mendocino, CA – Event TBA

May 13th – San Francisco, CA – “How Weird Street Faire” performing on “Enchanted Forest” stage

May 17th- May 21st – Pyramid Lake, NV – “Symbiosis Gathering” Solo performance, Phadroid, Seraphim, and a special new treat….

May 24th- May 28th – Silvarado, CA – “Lightning in a Bottle” festival

May 30th – Santa Monica, CA – “Luminous Movement” presents at “Zanzibar”

June 1st – Portland, OR – Beloved Presents “The Muse Revival” feat Phuturprimative and Kaminanda at “Bossanova Ballroom”

June 2nd – Oakland, CA – “HomeBass” presented by Win Win Pro. Venue “The New Parish”

June 7th – June 10th – Green River, Utah – “Desert Rocks” music and arts festival. Solo performance and Phadroid show

June 12th – New York – “City of Hope” fundraiser

June 21st – June 24th – Georgetown, CO – “Sonic Bloom” music and arts festival! solo performance and Phadroid show

June 29th – July 2nd – Mendocino, CA – “Enchanted Forest” gathering

July 4th -July 7th – Berlin, Germany – “Freqs of Nature” festival

July 9th – July 20th – Ventimiglia, Italy – Painting workshop with Amanda Sage, Andrew Gonzalez, Laurence Caruna, and Maura.

July 28th – Aug 4th – Idanha-a-nova, Portugal – “Boom Festival”

Aug 9th – Aug 11th – North Carolina – “Gnarnia Festival”

Aug 10th – Aug 13th – Tidewater, Oregon – “Beloved” sacred music and arts festival

Aug 14th – Mt Shasta, California – Introspective

Aug 16th – Aug 20th – Logon, Ohio – “Rootwire” festival

Aug 27th – Sept 3rd – Black Rock City, Nevada – “Burning Man”

Sept 6th – Nevada City, CA – Burning Man after party at “The Stonehouse”

Sept 14th- Austin, Texas – House Party

Sept 15th – Austin, Texas – At “The Parish” with Kaminanda

Sept 16th – Dallas, Texas – “OneYogaUSA” http://oneyogausa.com/

Sept 19th – Santa Monica, CA – Lu Fam pr├ęsents at “Zanzibar”

Sept 28th – Birmingham, Alabama – “Aerial Music” with The Earth Harp

Oct 8th – Maui, Hawaii – “Sonic Expansion” yoga experience with Rachel G (LIMITED SPACE SIGN UP NOW!!!)

Oct 13th – Maui, Hawaii – Tasty Pie presents at “Cassanova’s”

Oct 19th – Oct 21st – Simi Valley, California – The Do Lab presents “Rise and Shine” http://riseandshinegathering.com/ CANCELLED!!!

Oct 27th – Seattle, WA – Special sound experience at “DeepBeauty”

Nov 16th – Nov 17th – Pensacola, Florida – “Mahabhuta Yoga Festival” mahabhutayogafestival.com

Nov 18th – San Francisco, CA – “Connexus: A conscious connection dance event at 1015 Folsom”. www.NomadDance.com/connexus

Dec 1st – Portland, OR – “PDX Fusion” presents “Circles”

Dec 13th – Denver, CO – “Elevated Entertainment” at Casselmans http://www.facebook.com/events/456823497696955/

Dec 20th – Dec 22nd – Chichen Itza, Mexico – “Synthesis 2012 gathering” http://synthesis2012.com/

Dec 30th – Atitlan, Guatemala – “Cosmic Convergence” http://www.cosmicconvergence2012.com/

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