New Years Celebrations!!!

So there were some last minute changes in our new years plans and we will be celebrating in Los Angeles!!!

Its been so nice to spend the last couple weeks with my family. Visiting my momma in Kona was amazing and it was so great to be able to get over to Maui to play the Source Maui Fundraiser. Huge Aloha love to all the Island family, I cant wait to come back in February.

I have returned to Los Angeles where we (Phadroid & The Human Experience) will be performing 2 New Years shows in LA.

The first will be the debut of the Phadroid + William (Earth Harp) + The Human Experience collaboration. 9 PM – 2 AM in Venice California. Im so honored to participate in this musical experiment. Ive had so much fun jamming with William and Im so happy that we are going to explore Phadroid together.

We will then meet you at Humming Bird Ranch to dance with you to the mid-afternoon the next day. We’ll have another late night Phadroid and The Human Exprerience set with Andrew and Phaedra Jones.

Check out these two videos. The first is myself and Phadroid Live in London a few weeks ago. The second is William making magic 🙂

Hope to see you at the show

William and the Earth Harp from WIlliam Close on Vimeo.

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