Lightning in a Bottle video featuring a new song from upcoming album “Seeing is Believing”

Let me start with my infinite gratitude to Andrew Jones for believing in me and supporting my dreams.

So the tour was an AMAZiNG success!!! What an incredible adventure. This is the first video from our “Seeing is Believing” Tour 2011 which started in southern California at Lightning in a Bottle. it was also my first 2 opportunities to perform for thousands of people on the main stage! SOOOOOO much gratitude to Random Rab for having me be part of his live band and to Phadroid and Seraphim for constantly pushing my boundaries as a performance artist. You are all the best.

Hope you all enjoy this video. it features a new song from my upcoming album “Seeing is Believing”. All songs on the album were created during the month of June while we were on tour. Each song captures the essence of the place where it was created. All 6 songs were created in different locations/environments ranging from the streets of LA to Entheos gathering in Canada. The piece featured in this video was created at “Temple of Visions” in Los Angeles where our team landed after Lightning in a Bottle.  it is titled “LiB” (Living in Bliss”


David (The Human Experience)

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